Natural Sound Crossover

The voicing of every Alexis speaker is a pursuit of perfection.  Crossovers, the heart and soul of speakers, go through countless iterations to achieve a natural, transparent and open sound stage with micro-dynamics beautifully rendered. Cabinets have been precisely tuned to generate solid and clean bass without resonances. It will make you forget the system exists. The music will come to life.  Listeners will be connected and moved like never before.

Alexis Ribbon 1 Transducer

The Alexis Ribbon 1 Transducer is a specially designed high frequency transducer to naturally re-produce an open, detailed, and transparent sound stage.  It uses an ultra-thin ribbon suspended in a powerful magnetic field of high energy Neodymium rare earth magnets.   Unlike conventional dome or ring tweeters, every part of the AR1 can be driven directly and simultaneously without energy storage due to the relieve of excess baggage.  Having a mass of just 18mg, its diaphragm is able to start and stop in an instant, producing a transient response capable of defining the leading edge and natural harmonic resonance of complex musical sounds.

Premium Components

All Alexis speakers use only premium components – specially designed transducers, computer optimized cabinets, musically voiced crossovers, advanced damping and tuning, and accessories.  Every component is chosen to ensure the system will perform at its highest potential.  We believe the only element that might be considered “entry level” is the asking price.  Ultimately, we invite you to judge.